How to connect to GLFN for the first time

With this document you can learn to connect to GLFN (Great Lakes Free Net) for the first time, by downloading software and configuring it for your computer. For your convenience, please print out the appropriate version (
Windows or Macintosh) to refer to as you proceed with connecting to the GLFN.

There are three parts:

  • How to acquire the software (called "FirstClass"),
  • How to set up FirstClass
  • How to register an account with GLFN

  • How to acquire the software

    There are many ways to obtain the software.
  • You can get a copy from a friend
  • You can purchase a diskette with the software on it from Willard Library in Battle Creek, Michigan
  • (Soon!) you can download it for free from the next page

    For Windows click here, for Macintosh click here.

    Please be patient with the registration process, the most lengthly part is processing the paper version, and after the time elapses you will have full access to the GLFN. The electronic registration is pleasantly simple, once you get the software configured for your computer. You need to know what brand name your modem is, and you must decide if you want to connect using your existing internet PPP (point to point protocol internet service) account, or if you want to gain access by dialing directly to it. If you don't have an internet service provider and a PPP account, you can still use the older method and connect directly.

    Additional Information and Help

    There is no printed information on how to use GLFN. There are, however, extensive online instructions. As improvements are made these instructions will be updated.

    If you have a question regarding the use of the GLFN, leave a message in the "Help Desk" sub-conference. There are different sub-conferences for different questions and issues, feel free to explore anything that interests you, and join in conferences or sub-conferences that you are curious about.

    Often on the World Wide Web there are lists of frequently asked questions and answers. These documents, also known as FAQ's, are very helpful and can address any topic. On GLFN you can join in any conferences, ask questions, and generally interact electronically with the computer-accessed citizens of Calhoun County, Michigan.

    The Great Lakes Free-Net is an electronic, community information system dedicated to sharing the power of knowledge by providing quality information through interactive technology. GLFN assists people, organizations and businesses in disseminating and gathering information via a totally inclusive, electronic community information system, as well as, to promote connectivity between newly developing information systems.

    For Windows click here, for Macintosh click here.

    For more information please call the

    Willard Library
    (corner of Capital & Van Buren)
    7 W Van Buren
    Battle Creek, MI 49017

    (616) 968-8166

    (616) 969-4536

    fax (616) 968-3284

    Downtown Battle Creek, Michigan

    or E-mail:

    The GLFN dial-in number is:

    (616) 969-4536

    Thank-you for using Great Lakes Free Net!

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